Compound Interest

Virtually every one of the richest individuals on the planet Earth will verify, that the most powerful concept for the accumulation of wealth is Compound Interest HANDS DOWN!

I have been using a website to get paid for taking surveys that pays me an average of $35 a month, so that amounts to about $420 a year. That probably sounds great to a few of you, but now I take that free money (along with a few other free payments I get) and deposit them in an online account that compounds it for me at interest rates as high as 45%. In 30 days when I get paid, I deposit it again along with the Interest I earned to continue compounding it.

So now all I do is spend any free time I have looking for simple ways to earn more money with no risk (even if it's only pennies) so I can deposit that with When they offer some kind of special for buying more FUN Tokens, I jump on it. It was free to register and the money I deposit was free, so I can't lose.

Since I started compounding a few short months ago, my results have blown me away and they just keep getting better. Remember, this all came from free money I earned online by clicking for pennies.

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As if the earnings were not enough, owning (and locking) over 12,500 FUN Tokens, makes me a Premium Member with more special perks that earn me even more and the longer I hold them the more they grow.

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